At Full Gospel Assembly Vancouver, as part of our maturing as believers of a Jewish Messiah, we will endeavor to explore the Jewish culture and perspective, within which most of the Bible was written.

Most of all, we hope to understand more intimately our Messiah, who is Himself Jewish. As we look at our scriptures from a Hebraic perspective, we believe that it will open and enrich our understanding of the Scriptures, adding insight and depth to many of the passages, parables and idioms.

We also join together with Israel in celebrating the Feasts and at times enjoying a Messianic style of worship. As we observe the annual Seven Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus 23, we seek to reveal Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of these Feasts. Additionally, it is our position to stand with and pray for Israel, as they are God’s chosen people.

Below is a short clip by author and speaker Joe Amaral. Brother Joe was very instrumental in encouraging us on this journey of learning and discovering the Hebraic roots of our faith.