Senior Pastor Humphrey Tio


Humphrey Tio was born in Singapore in 1950 and born again in Manila, Philippines during a business trip in 1980. He has been married to his wife Anne, who is also a christian, for 35 years.

Pastor Humphrey and Anne were very active in Full Gospel Assembly Singapore back then. He was involved in prison ministry, touching and changing the lives of inmates through Christ. Also, Humphrey, together with Anne, hosted home group gatherings throughout the week. He remembers vividly that the weekly Wednesday prayer meetings were so vibrant and exciting, as he and Anne witnessed first hand God moving powerfully in their lives.

As restaurant operators, they were also blessed to see the Lord working powerfully in the market place. Within 7 short years, along with several other partners who loved the Lord, they had opened 13 restaurants in Singapore. The Lord used the success of the restaurants and enabled Humphrey to reach out to employees, customers and business associates. As a result, many came to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1990, the Lord made the way for Humphrey and Anne to migrate to Vancouver, Canada. After 2 years exploring their new home country, they felt the leading of the Lord to plant a church. With the blessings of Full Gospel Assembly Singapore, Humphrey and Anne, together with Peter and Nancy Seow, established Full Gospel Assembly Vancouver.

Around 2014, Pastor Humphrey felt the Lord leading him to make a transition to gather as house churches. Hence, the church building was sold. The congregation now gathers in several homes located across British Columbia, continuing to share God's love with those that He puts us in touch with.

Pastor Humphrey and Anne oversee all the house churches and drop by each house church on a regular basis, whenever there is a meetup.

A God fearing, affable, approachable, and hands-on individual, Pastor Humphrey's interests include taking walks with Anne, biking, kayaking and volunteering at the International Christian Response (ICR) thrift store. He warmly welcomes you to Full Gospel Assembly Vancouver and would very much like to show you what God is doing in our midst.